Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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My poodle is not eating    I have noticed days ago that my Poodle does not want to eat at all in the morning. She does not even touch it. I just witched her to TOTW Pacific Steam because I think that she is probably constipated. I noticed that the first 2 days that I switched her food she was eating regularly for her breakfast. However, I noticed that she did not even touch her food for breakfast. She does not want to eat dinner too. I'm bringing her to the vet tomorrow because I am afraid that something might be wrong with her. I'm confused with her actions because she seems very normal to me. She is not experiencing anything but she is not eating.

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11:18:09 PM

Rocky also does this sometimes. It got me really worried that I decided to bring him to a vet so he can be checked out. The vet assured me that there is nothing to worry just as long as the dog is acting normal. He eats very little to almost nothing in breakfast but I have noticed that he eats a lot for his dinner. He is very strange. There are times that he doesn't want to eat dinner but he eats a lot during breakfast. I usually give him food and I waited for about 30 minutes until he touch his food. If he doesn't want to eat it, I take it away and he has nothing until the next meal.

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11:22:26 PM

Maybe it has something do with the switch of the food of your dog. Maybe your Poodle is still adjusting because you are giving her a new food. Or she might not also like it because as you said you changed her food because she is constipated. I think that her new dog food makes her poop so much that she does not want to take it anymore. There are also times that I experience this with my pet Shih tzu but I let her be because I know that she will make up for the few foods for the next meal. She usually does not like eating dinner; she's more of an afternoon eater.
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11:27:00 PM

dogsarelove: I also tried the same. I would take up her food if she does not eat it after 30 minutes but I got really scared that she would not eat anything at all, even for her next meal. I have also noticed that maybe she does not like it when we watch her eat. I just give her some time to eat and when I come back she has already finished her bowl. I think that has something to do with it. Thanks!
doglover0417: I think that my Poodle is doing better now. I think you are right. Maybe she was just adjusting for the first few days that I have switched her food. She's a heavy eater now. She can now finish the bowl that I give her. Thanks for your advice!
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