Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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Complete meal for dogs    Dogs need a balanced meal. What can you suggest for the dogs to have a healthy meal?

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05:02:36 AM
Re: Complete meal for dogs
Yes that's right they are also like humans. They need diet same as ours. We need to make sure it is also balanced like we do.
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05:03:26 AM
Re: Complete meal for dogs
Dogs really need a complete and balance meal in order to grow healthy, so for this I recommend you to prepare a meal that is less calories, to avoid any possible illnesses like obesity, and for your dog Maynard you need to give him/ her a well balanced meal, with a little bit of fat content to give him/her that energy.
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05:04:20 AM
Re: Complete meal for dogs
For me, I make sure that a complete meal for dogs is, a bowl dog food drenched in water, and on his other side is a bowl of water.
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02:47:12 PM
Re: Complete meal for dogs
I would prefer ones that my vet suggests, I'll be pretty much sure that I am feeding the proper food that he needs.
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