Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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Cat foods for dogs    Is it alright if I give my dog cat food as a treat for them? I am currently training Antsy basic training stuffs like walking, going back to her crate, and potty training. I have been giving her a kibble but she doesn't seem to like it. She will just smell it and move away. I don't understand what is happening. My sister has a cat and she told me to buy some cat food because she could not go out. I experimented and gave a piece to Antsy and she loved it! Is it alright if I continue to do this? Or will it cause any harm?

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11:23:46 PM
Cat foods for dogs
Hi! I think that if you give your dog cat food alone it might probably be a reason for his stomach to be upset because my friend who is a veterinarian told me that it is high in protein. I think the best way that you solve your dilemma is by mixing half a cup of cat food with half a cup of the dog treat or food. Cat food or kibble has a stronger smell than the dog kibble so your dog will tend to like it better and keeps your dog interested. Or maybe you can try buying him a new brand of the dog kibble?
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11:36:10 PM
Cat foods for dogs
I am not really sure with that because I haven't tried giving cat treats to my dogs. I think that instead of giving your dog cat treats, why not give him like cereals? Dragon and Wolf love eating Cheerios and won't stop eating until they see the box. Maybe you can also try to give them sliced hot dog with cheese. I know a lot of dogs who loves cheese and hot dogs. I think giving them food that you will personally eat is healthier than giving him cat food. I really have no idea about the content of cat foods because I do not own one.
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