Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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Top 10 American Breeds    Hey dog lovers! Last April 2008 survey I got a list of top 10 American dog breeds and here they are:

# 10 Bulldog
# 9 Shih Tzu
# 8 Poodle
# 7 Dachshund
# 6 Boxer
# 5 Beagle
# 4 Golden Retriever
# 3 German Shepherd
# 2 Yorkshire Terrier
# 1 Labrador Retriever

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02:34:26 PM
Re: Top 10 American Breeds
Oh that's bad! I'm very disappointed with that. The Doberman breed is not in the list. For me, my Doberman Hunk is still number one. Hurray!
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02:35:40 PM
Re: Top 10 American Breeds
Whoahh! my Kim is number four. I'm very happy my Golden Retriever made it on the top list. Cheers!
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02:40:10 PM
Re: Top 10 American Breeds
Yeheeyyyy! My German Shepherd Max made it to top list three! Boom! Tarattatatttt! Let's celebrate!
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