Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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Dog Life Span    I really do not have any idea how long do dogs live? Do their age varies also on what areas they live?

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11:45:29 AM
Re: Dog Life Span
Some dogs live longer than others depending on the breed. The average life span of North American or European dog is about 12 years or so. But its life span is mostly dependent on how good the food you feed it and proper medical care.
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11:46:08 AM
Re: Dog Life Span
Generally, smaller dogs live longer life spans than bigger ones. The reason for this is that the larger bodies of bigger dogs have to exert more and endure stress more than the smaller ones.
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11:48:02 AM
Re: Dog Life Span
You can also add the fact that the life expectancy of a dog is determined also by the psychological stresses it has to undergo during its lifetime. That and adding to the physical exertions of life will also be a factor in determining the life span of a dog.
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