Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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Dog "Hot Spots"    What are hot spots and how to deal with this common dog skin problem?

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03:46:58 AM
Re: Dog "Hot Spots"
There could be infestation or it is caused by a mite bite, fleas, stings. In such way, you can apply a medication ointment to prevent the scratching which usually aggravates the already infected area.
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03:47:50 AM
Re: Dog "Hot Spots"
Hot spots can also be caused by self-inflicted injury so this could be a psychological issue at first. Please see a vet to avoid the self-destructive behavior.
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03:49:51 AM
Re: Dog "Hot Spots"
When you see the dog scratching, find the presence of any redness in that area. But please be careful not to touch your dog right away, they may refuse or bite you back. The inflammed part can appear suddenly or can grow from small size. Find out if your dog has allergic reaction to either food, or other inhalants by bringing him to vet.
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03:50:51 AM
Re: Dog "Hot Spots"
A hot spot is simply skin inflammation or infection and it’s a perennial skin problem common in summer season for dogs. The ‘hot spot’ can be superficial or skin deep such or other term dermatitis. Dermatitis can be formed due to moist or infected small skin breaks. It can be scaly, itchy or swollen.
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