Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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Herbs    If your dog has a wound in which you wish to accelerate the healing process, are there specific herbs that should be chosen? Are they to be applied topically or given in food, pill, other?

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06:00:47 AM
Fast Healing Herbs
Well if looking into a fast healing herb you first have to take steps in the healing process.

First to clean the wound with either
* witch hazel
* golden seal
* St John's wort
* Rosemary

I like using Witch Hazel

After the wound has been cleaned you can apply either
* Tea Tree Oil
* Neem Oil
* Plantago lanceolata

I like using Neem Oil
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10:06:54 AM
Healing Herbs For Dogs
I will begin by stating that you should not attempt herbal healing for your pet unless you have a good understanding of what is ailing your pet. And a good understanding of the healing herbs. Don't guess.....check with a veterinarian first! This advice is not meant to replace the diagnosis and advice of a licensed veterinarian. That said, I will share with you the herbal treatments that we use here at my ranch. Most are simple, safe, and effective.Remember first and always that dogs and other small creatures have much shorter digestive systems than us human caretakers. Fresh herbs are not digested as they are in humans. Therefore, the tincture form of an herb will work better for them. An acceptable alternative would be a stronger herbal tea than you would use for yourself. Doses need to be compatible with your pet's weight - small amounts for small animals, larger amounts for large animals.
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