Wednesday, January 23, 2019
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Itchy Issues    Is itchiness a sole flea issue, what other causes of itchiness? How to avoid this?

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03:52:05 PM
Re: Itchy Issues
Some shampoos and soaps can irritate your dog’s skin because of its chemical content. Select a mild content shampoos and soap to avoid further irritation.
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03:56:20 PM
Re: Itchy Issues
Itchiness is not only a flea infestation but also a dermatological issue. Yes fleas excretions could irritate dogs skin by turning it reddish, pinkish and they will not stop the scratching and biting and scraping just to follow the sensation. So a flea removal program should be a priority.
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04:05:39 PM
Re: Itchy Issues
Scratching or itching is also produced from allergic reactions to inhalants from grass or pollen, food ingestion, and also with contact to other irritant agents like detergents, chemicals. Keep them away from these stuffs.
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04:07:03 PM
Re: Itchy Issues
Fungal infections are also another itchy concern for dogs. They scratch like there’s no tomorrow that results in hair loss. Check your dog’s kennel or beddings for the moist promotes this fungal attack.
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