Monday, May 20, 2019
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My dog has a pinkish eye    Hi! My Shih Tzu Princess has been having the pink eye for a few days already. I am a little worried because it has been days already. Is this normal? I think that she has conjunctivitis because her eyes are all pinkish and there is a slight discharge. I want to bring her to a vet but we don't have extra money to spare right now. Have any of your dogs experienced conjunctivitis? And if so, what ointment or medication did your vet gave you? It should be for bacterial conjunctivitis and not other kinds. Thank you in advance for your help!

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11:27:54 PM
My dog has a pinkish eye
Hello! I know how gross that can be! Rocky had this experience a few months back and the vet told us that it was indeed bacterial conjunctivitis. His eyes were all pinkish and there was also a little discharge from his eyes. It was very heart-breaking. The vet gave us drops called Neo-Poly-Dex which is a combination of Neomycin, Dexamethasone, and Polymycin. It is generic so we did not spend a lot of money on that one. It is an antibiotic and I am not really sure if it would work for your dog but it is worth a try.
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11:33:07 PM
My dog has a pinkish eye
I also suggest that you use Neo-Poly-Dex. Blue has conjunctivitis a few weeks ago and we consulted the vet about it. He told us that we should apply one to two drops for twice a day for 5 consecutive days. It was very economical because there is still a lot of amount left in the bottle. After 5 days of religiously applying it on his eyes, there were no more pinkish eyes and no more discharge.
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11:37:17 PM
My dog has a pinkish eye
Has the eye of your dog cleared up already? I think Neo-Poly-Dex is the best remedy for that just like what the other members have posted here. I use the drops a few weeks ago when Princess had reddish eyes and there was also a discharge. It cleared up in a matter of days but now my problem is that my other dog has it well! Is bacterial conjunctivitis contagious? I am just wondering because my other dog has it now after my first dog had it. I just think that it is really weird that if it is bacterial it is contagious. Please enlighten me with this one.
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