Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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Dogs and your relationships    Dogs are good sniffers but I think they can also smell out a great guy from all the ones who knocks at your door and ask you for a date.

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10:34:02 AM
Re: Dogs and your relationships
Yeah that's true I had a funny experience about my German Shepherd dog Max. I remember a suitor who turned out to be a total loser. My dog did not like him at our first meeting that he actually growled on him when he first visited me at home.
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10:36:09 AM
Re: Dogs and your relationships
Ha-ha-ha! That sounds funny. I also read an article online about stories of how dogs can be a great judge of character and that includes helping you find a perfect mate. Hmmmm, sounds a good idea to have a pet dog at home.
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06:36:03 PM
Re: Dogs and your relationships
I think dogs hate drunkards too. I remember we had a neighbor dog when I pass by their house he is always barking at me when I am drunk but if I am not it doesn't bark. Sounds he hates drinking men.
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