Saturday, September 21, 2019
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The puppies are always fighting    The puppies are always fighting like a little scuffle here and there. But last week I have noticed that they were having serious fights like they are really hurting each other. It got me really worried because they usually fight over nothing, not even food. They just fight for no reason. I saw them one time both of them are on their hind legs and they were really angry. There were a lot of growling and snarling and they would not let go of each other. I tired separating them but they would still continue fighting until they are both bleeding. I really don't know what to do and I am really worried about them. I don't want them to grow up as violent dogs.

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11:48:55 PM

I think that your dogs are getting carried away. The first thing that you must do is to find who the aggressor is and who always starts the fight. You should also give your dog treats if he or she stopped what she was doing. Like for example, you saw your puppy going into the direction of the other dog with a rigid and scary stare. Help him to divert his attention to something else like to a toy that he likes very much and if he does, give him a treat. Or if this does not work, put a collar on him and when he has done something bad snap on the collar which will teach him a lesson. As for me, I always try positive reinforcement first and if it does not work, I punish him a little. Not too much, just enough for him to learn his lesson.
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11:59:00 PM

I think that you should break up the dogs because it is not normal for puppies like them to fight like that. Separate the two dogs calmly. I don't think that you should use any violence on them because they are still just puppies after all. They still do not know the difference between what is right and wrong. It is your responsibility to help them identify between what is right and what is wrong. Is the mother still with them? I think that the puppies will be better if they are not separated from their mother. It seems to me that your puppies are already separated from their mother who can help them correct what they are doing. Their mother can teach them the life lessons that they will need.
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12:10:02 AM

I do not want to teach the dogs’ lesson through violence. I know a friend who use violence to teach her dogs but instead they became more violent. Maybe I have made a mistake when I separated them early from their mother. Their mother lives in a separate dog house and we usually bring the puppies inside with us. Maybe I have deprived the puppies time that they can spend with their mother. I tried correcting their mistakes by pulling them away from each other but they really did not want to let go. Maybe I should bring their mother back inside the house and let them live together because I know that their mother can teach them the difference between what is wrong and right.

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