Monday, February 24, 2020
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Are Pitbulls really bad?    I am really sick and tired when people assume that all Pit bulls are bad when in fact they don't even own one! My brother owns a Pit bull and our mom told him that he should give away Spirit because she thinks that all Pit bulls are bad and that he would just attack my brother if given the chance. She said that Pit bulls are usually used for fighting and that they are really violent in nature. It really pissed me off because I have known Spirit since my brother bought him from a friend. He is one of the gentlest dogs that I have ever met in my whole life. He usually plays around with Rocky when we go visit them at their house. I do not understand where people get their idea that all Pit bulls are bad. I think it is also like saying that all dogs are bad. I just hate it.

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08:33:54 AM

I'd have to agree with you on this one. It is just so sad that people generalize and judge all Pit bulls just because some owners are irresponsible of their pets. I think the dog is not to be blamed if he becomes violent but I think we should blame the way he was raised by his owner. If I teach my dog to become violent, to attack other animals or people, and always hit him with a stick of course there is a big tendency that he will act vicious towards other people. Here where I live, you cannot easily purchase a pit bull. You have to go somewhere else to buy one, but they can surely live here. People really have a bad impression of them and it is just so sad. I guess it really depends on how you have raised your dog. I mean any dog can be vicious; they should not equate violence with Pit bulls.
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08:40:15 AM

I have a friend who owns a Pit bull. He had him ever since he was a little puppy. I first saw him when he brought him here in our house because he wants his pit bull to interact and socialize with other dogs. At first I was a little hesitant and scared because I have a little Shih Tzu here at home and I was afraid that the dog might get violent and attack my little Shih Tzu. He assured me that his pet Pit bull is house trained and that he won't do anything wrong. So he brought his pit bull at my house and I was really impressed because he did not react violently towards us. It was such a sight to behold because my Shih Tzu and the Pit bull were getting along very well. I admit that I was a racist before thinking that all Pit bulls are vicious, but when I got to know one he instantly changed my perception.
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08:47:04 AM

I agree with you, ilovedogss37. I mean they should not judge all dogs in a specific breed just because some irresponsible owners did not take the time to train their dogs properly. I mean, they should have been more responsible dog owners. I really don't like it when a dog has attached someone and everyone, including the dog owner, would put all the blame on the dog. They should also blame the owner because he is not very responsible. Also, here in our place you cannot easily buy a pit bull too. You have to go as far as Rhode Island just to buy a pit bull. I think that is really crazy. Doglover0417, I am glad that you changed your perception on Pit bulls. They are very loving and gentle creatures once you really get to know them better. I think that all dogs need some supervision, not only pit bulls.
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