Saturday, December 14, 2019
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Weight Loss    I think that my Siberian Husky is getting too heavy. He can't run anymore like what we usually do. He gets tired easily. Is he getting too heavy that he can't carry his self to run anymore? I think that he could lose a few pounds. I have been feeding him rice for about 5 months now and I give it to him twice a day together with a viand. Am I giving him too much? He does not really like the taste of dog food so I do not know what to give him anymore. Should I lessen the amount of rice that I give him?

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09:52:52 PM

Hello there! I think that you are feeding your dog too much! Two cups of rice and a dish in a day? He will surely get bigger. Do you guys still work out a lot? Maybe his body has become too big for him to carry that's why he does not want to run anymore like what you guys usually do. I suggest that you lessen the food that you give him maybe a cup of rice for the whole day, or maybe give him half a cup of rice twice a day. That will do wonders for him. Or if you can, try adding dog food to the rice. I know it may sound gross but maybe he will eventually like the dog food.
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09:58:50 PM

Why not try to give him dog food instead? Or if he does not like eating it, give him more fruits and vegetables instead of too much rice. He will totally get fat because rice is carbohydrates, right? If he doesn't want to run or do what he normally do, his body would not burn all those carbohydrates and calories which will make him bigger. Just like what ilovedogs said, reduce the amount of rice that you give your dog. It is not really good for him.
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10:05:08 PM
Reply to doglover0417's post dated 7/26/2010 9:58:50 PM
Oh, I tried giving him less rice with viand but he wants more! You know my baby is a big boy so I thought that he needs all the nutrients that I can give him. I have tried countless times in the past to give him dog food. He eats only a little and then just sulk quietly at the corner. It made me feel really bad because when I look at him I felt that I am doing something bad to my baby. What a softie I am! But I can't help but still get worried because he is not physically active anymore. I am afraid that it may lead to sickness or whatnot.I mean I know that he should be running or walking more often but just like what you have said, maybe his body is becoming too heavy for him.
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