Friday, July 3, 2020
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Dogs has same illnesses as man    One illness frequent in dogs is tumor,either malignant or benign.The earlier a tumor is diagnosed,the easier will be the treatment,wether surgical or radiological.Tumors attack dogs,cats,and people,but are rare in ruminants and equine animals.It is possible that diet plays an important role.

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03:27:40 AM
you mean, their sickness can be contagious or dangerous to humans?
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02:18:40 PM
Re: Dogs has same illnesses as man
Let us all be aware that although dogs could have similar illnesses with us humans, never administer human medicine on dogs.
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08:43:50 AM
Re: Dogs has same illnesses as man
In reply to mpd, that's true, they can be contagious to humans because the virus lives anywhere and animals are carriers too. To some extent we do have that same illness as what our canine friends. It is better to consult first your vet if you signs of illness coming. Self-prescription for your dogs is not good, unless you have any previous treatment done.
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