Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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Do dogs dream?    I sometimes see my dog twitching his legs and briefly being agitated why sleeping. Does this mean he is dreaming? Do dogs dream?

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08:08:05 AM
Re: Do dogs dream?
Yes they do. When you see your dog twitching, wagging its tail or even licking its lips in sleep, then it is probably dreaming.
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08:09:34 AM
Re: Do dogs dream?
Like humans, they can also get into very deep sleep. Usually they have rapid eye movements (REM) where in humans actual dreaming takes place. And this happens several time during the night.
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08:11:28 AM
Re: Do dogs dream?
So how do we know if they’re really dreaming?
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08:12:34 AM
Re: Do dogs dream?
Nobody actually knows – unless the dog starts talking.
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