Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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Bush's dog bite a reporter's finger    Hi there everyone! Have you watch Youtube lately? President Bush's dog named Barney, a black Scottish terrier bite a reporter's index finger last Thursday the week of election.

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02:43:58 PM
Re: Bush's dog bite a reporter's finger
Maybe the dog doesn't wanted to be interviewed by reporters. He-he-he! The reporter said he just want to pat the dog and he's sorry that it's not in the mood and unfriendly.
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02:44:40 PM
Re: Bush's dog bite a reporter's finger
Yes I've watched it! Ha-ha-ha! maybe the dog doesn't want to leave the White House when incoming president Obama will transfer in the palace. Maybe he's still upset about Obama's victory.
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02:45:23 PM
Re: Bush's dog bite a reporter's finger
Whattt! What's the name of the reporter? Is there a comment from President Bush? That's funny. Are you kidding?
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02:46:06 PM
Re: Bush's dog bite a reporter's finger
It's not a joke. Watched the Youtube. There's no report regarding Bush comment on this. The Reporter's name is John Decker, a Reuter's White House reporter. He even showed the index finger bitten.
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