Sunday, June 7, 2020
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Dog Euthanasia    What is it that one must understand when it is time for your dog to “put to sleep”?

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03:44:57 AM
Re: Dog Euthanasia
It’s a very compelling question but also a fact that dogs deserved to be treated humane. This is an issue that weighs down to lessening the suffering of our beloved dog.
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03:46:44 AM
Re: Dog Euthanasia
I would like to know the medical side of the issue first and get the vet’s advise about the possibilities. When I am completely at peace and understand the whole situation, that’s the time I would do it. It really pays to know these facts rather than seeing your dog go without any acceptable reason.
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03:47:51 AM
Re: Dog Euthanasia
Be prepared for healing because it takes time and process to do so. I would rather be happy knowing that I did my best to save my dog’s life.
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03:49:25 AM
Re: Dog Euthanasia
I would like to see first the signs of difficulties in my dog’s activities like if he still likes walking around, or he enjoys eating, or other basic dog activities, or does he still recognize me. Then I will have to inform his vet for any official advice.
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03:51:09 AM
Re: Dog Euthanasia
Understand why there are reasons why you really need to do it (Dog Euthanasia). Maybe its for the betterment of your dog to be "put to sleep" or the other way around.
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03:52:35 AM
Re: Dog Euthanasia
For me I would like to understand, when is the right time to deal with this kind of situation, and why is it has to happen.
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