Monday, December 11, 2017
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Dog toys    What are inexpensive toys good for a dog? Can you share some of your ideas? Thanks in advance for your reply!

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10:46:23 AM
Re: Dog toys
Plastic containers that used to contain colas, soda pop or mineral water are great for dogs. They make a crunching sound that entices dogs to chomp on them. Just make sure that you take out the label or the plastic screw top before you let him play with it.
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10:47:05 AM
Re: Dog toys
An old furry rubber ball would be great for him to chomp on, especially if it’s a puppy. The neon-colored ones would be great for a young dog to chomp on. Try throwing it away and let the pooch run after it.
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10:47:46 AM
Re: Dog toys
For a puppy, your old faded sweater or blanket is a good toy for them, at the same time, gives them comfort when they sleep.
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