Friday, July 3, 2020
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Tips on choosing a puppy    Perhaps somone can post here some advice on how to choose when getting a new puppy

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12:02:50 PM
Advices... advices!
In a litter, check the one which is the most sprightly and energetic, the one that keeps on jumping and nipping at their other siblings’ tails. You can also pick up the puppy and check if it does not sport a runny nose (for any colds it might harbor), as well as its asshole (for any worms). Also if the puppy comes up to you when called, is wagging its tail and virtually quite spritely when called – that should grow up to be a really good one.
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03:30:26 AM
as early as possible
at their early age you might get a puppy who got characteristics of a friendly one rather than aggressive one. i might suggest that with families who got kids at home so they might not pose dangers to them.
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