Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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Myasis or Fly Strike Infestation    How to prevent fly strike infestations to dogs ?

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07:57:05 AM
Re: Myasis or Fly Strike Infestation
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07:57:52 AM
Re: Myasis or Fly Strike Infestation
I guess you just have to make sure your dog does not wander off in unwanted territory where the presence of flies are very dense like garbages, dumping places. The flies like to lay eggs on dog’s hair or other parts where it is damp.
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07:59:14 AM
Re: Myasis or Fly Strike Infestation
Make sure to clean the dog dining area after they eat because food attract flies. Or watch the dog while eating for any fly attack and try to swat them out to prevent from clinging to your animal’s face or hairs.
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08:01:29 AM
Re: Myasis or Fly Strike Infestation
Just make sure the environment is clean. Always sanitize the tiled floor areas to keep the smell fresh. Also throw the garbage in areas not reachable to your dogs. The pungent smell can attract the flies wherever they go.
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