Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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Reverse Sneezing    I observed of my dog’s reverse sneezing and heard its fairly common dog thing, but quite alarming though in what extent?

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02:29:44 PM
Re: Reverse Sneezing
The term originates itself from the dog’s rapid and forceful inhaling instead of expelling it as compared with humans normal sneeze. Smaller breed dogs are more prone of this tendency.
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02:30:47 PM
Re: Reverse Sneezing
Reverse sneeze usually lasts up to 2 minutes with dog remains still with head extended. If a dog overdoes it, it can lead to a traumatic shock that an emergency help is needed.
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02:31:41 PM
Re: Reverse Sneezing
A veterinarian knows if your dog has reached the alarming levels if reverse sneezing is prolonged. There could be a respiratory problem somewhere where there is constant sneezing and coughing or gagging.
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02:32:53 PM
Re: Reverse Sneezing
It is studied that Reverse sneeze caused by Throat, pharynx or larynx irritation. This is triggered by excitement, allergic reaction due to pollen inhalation, respiratory infection , post nasal drip, or in some cases sudden change in room temperature.
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