Sunday, February 17, 2019
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Understanding Dog’s Heat Cycle    There are periods of dog heat with some observable changes, what’s more to know about heat cycle?

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08:13:18 AM
Re: Understanding Dog’s Heat Cycle
I know that in average, dogs have peak cycles twice a year depending on dog breeds or could be the weather. So better check your breed if they have early “heat cycles” so at least you know when they start exhibiting 'heat'.
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08:13:57 AM
Re: Understanding Dog’s Heat Cycle
Watch out for the first estrus cycle normally observable by age 6 to 12 months for small breeds while for larger and giant dogs, you may have to wait until they turn 14 month and so on.
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08:14:45 AM
Re: Understanding Dog’s Heat Cycle
During the estrus cycle or peak stage, the female starts producing vaginal discharge that smells attractive or arousing to the males. But at this stage the female may refuse sexual initiations by male.
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08:15:28 AM
Re: Understanding Dog’s Heat Cycle
Pregnancy may be possible on the first mating but it is not advisable for first time dog to get pregnant 'coz their body structure and organs are not yet fully developed and they are prone to complications.
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