Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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For malnourished Dogs    Hey guys, if your dogs are suffering from malnutrition, I know a Vitamin and Mineral supplement for them. You can try Booster Plus. This is very good for dogs and other pets. You can add this to your dog food or meal. It contains amino acids, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. It's available in the market.

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06:08:28 PM
Re: For malnourished dogs
I hope it doesn't contain synthetic or chemical preservatives too. Does it
boosts the immune system as well as absorbs many good vitamins and other helpful minerals for good health and proper growth?
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06:09:51 PM
Re: For malnourished dogs
Yeah, you can try it with your pet. Contrary to other supplements which are unreliable sometimes. But this one I have tried and so far my dog's health is improving and he's healthier now.
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06:11:56 PM
Re: For malnourished dogs
For sure most dog food contains vitamins and minerals needed for their health benefit. Just watch out for these chemicals. Like for example the BHA and the BHT preservatives. They are hazardous because it is suspected to be carcinogenic. Means can cause cancer to them.
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06:13:00 PM
Help for my pregnant dog
Hi everyone! my dog is pregnant and I want to give her vitamins for her healthy pregnancy. Do you know of any supplements for that? What's the best you've tried so far? Can you share it to me?
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