Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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Ringworms & Other Fungal Infections    Is it true that dogs actually play host to spread of ringworms to humans?

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07:50:58 AM
Re: Ringworms & Other Fungal Infections
It can be true but still its man’s responsibility to prevent ringworms to invade his pet in the first place. And it can be the other way around, as humans can also transmit the invasion to dogs.
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07:51:47 AM
Re: Ringworms & Other Fungal Infections
Ringworms actually be transmitted from soil, damp places where it can thrive. So it’s a fungus that can jump from one hosts or to places as long as it can propagate.
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07:52:32 AM
Re: Ringworms & Other Fungal Infections
Ringworm is not actually a worm, it is a lesion caused by the fungus attack in humans. For dogs however it results in hair loss and scaly skin. So both are also victims of this fungal attack that can be solved with help of topical and oral medicines and be prevented by decontaminating the environment.
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07:54:12 AM
Re: Ringworms & Other Fungal Infections
Some dogs seem not to carry the fungus but they actually are. That is because the fungus can adapt or hibernate in animals and attack later. Also dog’s immune system also fights off continuously the spread of the invasion. So check your dog from time to time if infections repeat to avoid expensive medications.
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