Monday, May 20, 2019
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Paws licking    My pet Dawry can’t kick his licking habit. Is this a medical problem or more of a lapse in behavior ?

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01:14:22 PM
Re: Paws licking
Licking is also associated with chewing which falls on behavioral aberration of dogs. This takes time to get corrected, and techniques like applying distraction to keep the dog’s attention on other matters. Toys and other forms of manipulation plus the positive teaching can correct this. Yet the best is to seek advice of pet expert for animal behavior, if you can find one.
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01:18:52 PM
Re: Paws licking
Licking is not simply that the dog is cleaning himself up. It could reveal other symptoms like pain, or other sensation that needs to be approached medically. The best way is to consult a vet to ensure the nature of this behavior.
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01:22:03 PM
Re: Paws licking
The behavior sometimes can be deceiving that of licking that there is already an onset of infection or allergy. So the best approach with licking habit is first to determine its nature whether it falls to what I mentioned. Allergens, environment or reaction to changes in whether may be the contributing factors.
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01:25:08 PM
Re: Paws licking
It is dangerous when there is a presence of other signs like wounds, swollen areas, that could trigger the licking trip. It is best to seek a vet to rule out any possibilities of cyst, unwanted growths, inflammations, bacteria-related skin infections, or other forms of skin trauma and even arthritis.
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01:26:24 PM
Re: Paws licking
Pet licking can be associated with numerous underlying reasons. It could be itchiness, a tingling sensation, or worse pain. A triggering of each cause could be habit-forming to a dog.
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01:28:29 PM
Re: Paws licking
When your dog has a habit of licking its paws, prevent him from walking on driveways and stairs, especially on snowy days. The compounds in the ice melt can be ingested when your pet cleans itself up. Those compounds can irritate your pet's skin or even poison it.
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