Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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Refilling Dog Medications    Are there rules in dispensing dog’s medication? What if a recurring illness occurs when there are no refills?

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06:34:07 AM
Re: Refilling Dog Medications
Its not a good practice for either vets or pet owners to leave out their concerns regarding medicine dispensing. A vet should not also allow continuous medicine because he should examine the dog first to find out if the medicine applies or is it another illness. Or otherwise he is doing a malpractice.
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06:35:20 AM
Re: Refilling Dog Medications
It is a common question but for obvious reason that vets only prescribe to what they see right now relevant to the illness. In case the illness recurs, then you have to comeback to get another batch of prescriptions for medications. Its vet’s responsibility too to see your dog’s condition first before prescription.
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06:36:54 AM
Re: Refilling Dog Medications
I think your dog is your vet’s responsibility. Giving them medicine must be informed with vets for proper dosage, application and timing. Don’t leave out your vet just because your dog needs immediate medication.
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