Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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Swollen Paws    Dogs got swollen paws at times, do I need to call a vet to check on this or is it just a wound I just wait to get healed?

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03:54:23 AM
Re: Swollen Paws
It's really painful for owners to see dogs having difficulty walking for any matter. So please ask your vet for any first aid treatment for dogs like proper bandaging, basic first aid kits. These will save you from expensive treatments if left unattended.
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03:55:11 AM
Re: Swollen Paws
Foot injuries or infection need immediate attention 'coz dogs depend mostly on walking to get to their well-being. It can affect the dog’s confidence to see him limping from pain and arrest him for not doing other dog activities.
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03:56:30 AM
Re: Swollen Paws
Don’t just wait and see, its best to call the vet for any swelling. It could be poison working its way up from stings of spiders, or pus fills due to trauma from heat or injury. Its best to see the doctor to quell any further discomfort or injury to your dogs.
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03:57:34 AM
Re: Swollen Paws
Find out how it got swollen. It could be an injured paw, a trauma from getting stuck at the door, a bug or insect bite. These are some reasons and more that you need to find out first before giving an oral medicine or antibiotics.
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