Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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Urine Smell Removal    Can you suggest some practical ways to remove dog urine smells in different house areas?

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01:33:34 PM
Re: Urine Smell Removal
If your yard flooring has puddles or cracks that has seeped in the urine, the smell will stay for a while and be irritating. You need to cover or patch these using sealants available in the hardware. But first you have to wash it first with disinfectant and subside it for a while to completely sit in.
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01:35:43 PM
Re: Urine Smell Removal
Cleansers and other strong detergents available in the markets are effective agents in combating the pungent smell of the urine that persists in yard or house corners. But its still the immediate attention to apply these stuff is more crucial. Make sure its always immediately available and immediate action to apply is what counts to arrest advancing smell.
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01:37:07 PM
Re: Urine Smell Removal
A properly trained dog is the best remedy to avoid or at least lessen this problem. Early training of dog to a proper place or spot to eliminate is the best preventive solution. Of course, create training included.
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01:42:59 PM
Re: Urine Smell Removal
The spot in the house where the dog, especially puppies, urinated will most likely be the spot where it will return to urinate again. Have it cleaned immediately with a good disinfectant-deodorizer so as not to ruin your housebreaking of your pet.
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