Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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Boredome... dogs have it too!    Dogs chew and bite many things when they are bored. How to solve this problem?

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11:55:33 AM
Some tips to help your dog not to be bored.
You should give it toys to play with, like a red rubber ball that squeaks when it picks it up. You can also walk your dog when you arrive from work. Or you can ask the neighbor to walk your dog when you’re away, so it can have some exercise and not be bored at home.
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11:57:34 AM
Playthings for dearie dog.
I discovered that dogs, especially puppies, like to play with a soft, furry old blanket which they sometimes sleep on. As long as they this, they are less likely to start chomping and ruining your furniture.
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01:03:27 PM
But what happens if both of you got bored?
Sometimes, I just stare out there and my dog comes to me and just lie there. Like he feels I need company. However, it does not last. Suddenly he will find something to play with. But I just ignore it. At least a dog is satisfied once he finds something to bite. But we humans, such complication!
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04:04:17 PM
Boredom and illness
Does boredom lead to sickness? If in humans, anxiety attacks and it can lead to some illnesses, how about in dogs? Do they have these kinds of emotional illnesses too?
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04:05:14 PM
Re: Boredome... dogs have it too!
I think boredom could be a sign that your dog wants you to show him some more love, i mean its not that bad if we extend a lot more effort to show love to our dogs.
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