Monday, March 18, 2019
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He won't stop whining!    Hello guys! I have another question for you about my dog, Lion. You see I have had him for only a few weeks now because he was given to me by my friend. I think that he is almost 4 years old now and she gave him to me because she has to move to another country. I took him because he is nice, gentle, and sweet. Now, I have a problem because he keeps on whining and he never stops. He does this a lot especially when I am talking to someone. I know that he only wants to get my attention but is there any way that I can stop or lessen his whining even a bit? I do not want him to become a baby too much.

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12:03:22 AM
He won't stop whining!
Maybe the reason why he would not stop whining is that he wants you to assure to him that everything is alright and that you love him. I know that most dogs are like this especially with new owners. I just think that they are looking for love or attention that they did not receive from their previous owners. I hope that you will never lose your patience with him because I think that he just wants him to be the focus of your attention. I think though that you can fix this by telling him to silent or assure him that you love him. If it still persists, you can have him trained by a pro.
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12:08:58 AM
He won't stop whining!
I feel your pain because my dog does that all the time. Ever since I got him few years back he was whining already like a crying baby and he is still doing that up to know even when I have him trained already. I have tried every possible way to fix what is going on but to no avail. I even had him checked by a vet because I thought that maybe something is up but he still won't stop whining just like yours. I think that we have different situation though because you just got your dog and was he like that even with his previous owner? If not, maybe he is just doing it to grab your attention or if all else fails, have him trained.
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