Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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Feeding new puppies    Two weeks old pups shouldn’t be weaned from the mother yet. But you can feed it at least with three-parts solid food and 1 part puppy milk. It makes the food easier to digest for him.

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11:11:12 AM
6-8 Weeks pups
By the time pups gets to be 6-8 weeks old, they should be eating a balanced diet. You can start feeding them with calcium supplements and other protein elements. Start them young by making sure they get a balanced diet.
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11:13:51 AM
The young ones.
I start feeding them dog biscuits with fortified irons, minerals and calcium when they can start chewing on them. They love it though!
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11:18:22 AM
Five months...
At five-months mine started becoming a finicky eater and refuses to eat his usual food. I found out that the puppy was teething. So I just continued to feed him nutritious food twice a day. I found out also that he was also reacting to something in the immediate environment, our new cat but after a while he got adjusted and ate fine.
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11:20:42 AM
At one year old...
When he reaches 1 year old, he can switch to adult food. But if you do, make sure the adult dog food you are feeding him still contains a balanced diet, with the main ingredient being meat.

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