Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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Favorite treats of your dogs    What are the favorite treats of your dogs? All of my dogs including Dragon, Wolf, Princess, angel, and all the others especially love eating breakfast cereals especially Cheerios! I have to limit what I give them because too much sweets can be really harmful for them. They also love munching on baby carrots, blueberries, and strawberries. They really love eating healthy foods. And oh, bananas are also their favorites. I had to really stock up on these fruits and treats because they really love it. How about you? What are the favorite treats of your dogs?

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12:04:43 AM
Favorite treats of your dogs
Wow you sure have healthy dogs there. I tried giving Drowsy some fruits and vegetables but she doesn't like them. She would just sniff them and move away as if she doesn't like them. I really want to give her healthy foods and I want her to be healthier but it is very difficult. Anyway, the treats that she really love are hot dogs! I had to slice the hot dogs in cubes because she could eat like 3 hot dogs in one seating. She also loves eating pepperoni. I guess she really loves eating meat. She also loves Cheerios. I know many dogs who love Cheerios as well.
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12:11:12 AM
Favorite treats of your dogs
My little baby Antsy loves eating baby carrots! She munches on them even though they are still frozen. I think that she loves eating frozen baby carrots because it is probably good for her growing teeth. She is still teething, so yeah. There are times though that she prefers to eat hot dogs and liver and she absolutely adores them. She would do everything that I tell her to do so if she sees that I have the treats on my hands. She would run around and around me begging for more. I would like to incorporate more healthy foods in her diet but I don't know how to.
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