Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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Foodstuff that can be harmful for dogs    Please post here Foodstuff that can be harmful for dogs. It was said from another posting that salt can be more harmful on dogs and other pets as it is harmful on humans when ingested in high quantities.

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05:56:37 AM
Re: Foodstuff that can be harmful for dogs
Avoid this as it is one of common kitchen stuff that is potentially poisonous, read "poisonous" to your dog ----> ONIONS
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06:01:43 AM
Re: Foodstuff that can be harmful for dogs
Never let your dog be fed with food containing CHOCOLATES! Chocolates can harm your dog's heart and nervous system.
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06:07:39 AM
Re: Foodstuff that can be harmful for dogs
Tablescraps are highly discouraged to be fed to dogs, Especially chicken bones. Chicken bones, when crushed forms wedgy sharp pieces that when ingested by your pet would surely upset its digestive system.
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06:08:26 AM
Re: Foodstuff that can be harmful for dogs
I would say, Mono-Sodium Glutamate, more commonly known as vetsin, if your dog accidentally swallowed large amount in a small period of time this could lead to a very fatal situation.
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06:13:05 AM
Re: Foodstuff that can be harmful for dogs
Pulpy fibrous fruits that are good for us humans are not good for dogs at all. So check these out: Grapes, Alligator pears and raisins are some of those. Such will definitely cause dogs digestive problems and kidney failure.
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06:15:37 AM
Re: Foodstuff that can be harmful for dogs
Never feed your pets with table scraps or leftovers from Chinese, other Asian foods and Pizza. As they (could) contain onions and other spices that are dangerous to our pets.
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06:37:17 AM
Re: Foodstuff that can be harmful for dogs
Once, I gave my dog some chocolates that my friend gave me. The next morning, I found her under the table, not wanting to get up nor eat. I was so worried I brought her to my friend who is a vet. She told me not to give sweets to dogs cause they are what we call "downers."
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03:23:12 AM
Re: Foodstuff that can be harmful for dogs
Nuts are another no-no to dogs. Nuts is not ideal to digestive system of dogs and may result to problems like indigestion. So be careful in giving cakes with nuts or any pastries even peanut butter 'coz they are proven not good to dogs.
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03:22:11 AM
Peanuts for my dog
Hey! I got three dogs. One of them eat ice cream with nuts on it. He likes to chew peanuts when he's still younger. The other two dogs do not like nuts. It means they have different taste buds too.
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