Monday, December 11, 2017
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Cycling , Biking or Riding With Your Dog    Does anyone use riding or cycling or biking to exercise your dog?

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03:03:53 AM
It's Great
I think its a great form of exercise & I must say my dog loves it. I take them out everyday for 1/2 hr. They just can't survive without it.
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03:08:18 AM
My Dog Enjoy's It
I take my dog cycling with me quite often and she loves the fast speed (not too fast of course), she's all puffed out at the end but she waggs her tail and rolls about its brilliant. I m so glad I can share something with my dog that I enjoy to.
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01:15:25 PM
Sounds Good
If your dog enjoys any of the activities you've mentioned above, then it's ok. If your dog enjoys all the three activities, then it sounds perfect for your dog to remain fit for life. My dog enjoys riding and cycling. My dog enjoys every bit of it.
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