Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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How do I train my dog?    I have a Labrador puppy, I want him to sit, stay and fetch when i tell him. I also want to be able to tap my hip and know for sure that he will then come and stand and follow next to me on my right hand side.

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02:56:52 AM
Puppy Kindergarten Class
The best thing to do is to take him to a puppy kindergarten class. He can get professional training as well as good socialization with other pups.
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02:58:28 AM
Dog Training Techniques
Though there are several dog training techniques, all of them can be categorized by the way they address behavioral issues. Thus, there are two main categories: techniques based on learning theories and techniques based on canine ethology. The former category focuses on behavior modification, usually disregarding typical and natural behavior of dogs. The latter one focuses on natural dog behavior and often ignores current learning theories.
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12:08:50 PM
Here are some Training Techniques
The single most important aspect of dog and puppy training is that you reward and praise your dog or puppy each and every time she does the right thing. For example: praise her when she chews her own toys instead of the couch or eliminates outside instead of in the house. The more time you spend with your puppy or dog, the quicker and easier it will be to train her.
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11:28:42 AM
Teaching Simple Commands
It’s best to start teaching simple commands like ‘come’ and ‘no’ as early as possible. However, again, patience, consistence, and persistence are requisite needs. When your puppy does something undesirable, such as chewing up a rug, use a firm voice to say ‘no’, removing the rug firmly. The command ‘come’ can be taught by standing some distance away, calling out ‘come’ in a friendly way, while also giving visual clues. You could also squat down and clap your hands. It is important to look and sound happy. When your puppy does respond, praise him/her and give, but if he/she does not, they do not scold him/her. It will only scare your puppy. Training should be a positive and happy time, for both you and your puppy.
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11:31:40 AM
Using Friendly and Firm Tones
Modify the tone of your voice according to the command you use. For example, when giving commands like ‘stay’, ‘down’, and ‘sit’ use a firm voice, whereas when teaching ‘come’ or ‘heel’ use a friendlier voice.

And finally, make sure not to make the training sessions too long, after all, your puppy is just a baby. About 15 minutes per session is about enough, and it is best to teach a single thing at a time. After each training session, spend a little time in playing with your pup. This will enable him/her to associate training time with fun, which will help him to learn faster and anticipate the training positively.
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