Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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Does your dog get dirty easily?    Mine does! She plays around with the other dogs and she gets dirty easily. There was even this one time when I went to visit my friend, who also has a lot of dogs, and we allowed them to play outside because she has a big fence and we did not have to worry about them getting out. Anyway, after a few hours, we went outside and we found all of them sitting on one corner really dirty and with mud all over their furs! It annoyed me but I then realized that it was alright because the dogs had fun. Also, the longest time that my dog did not take a bath was a month and she was stinky! How about you?

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03:31:56 AM
Does your dog get dirty easily?
Yes and all of them get terribly dirty that we had to stay in the shower for a long time after. They love playing around in the mud and I do not know why but they like it too much that the dogs go there two or even four times in a week. However, it does not bother me too much because we have a lake just beside our house and after they wrestled in the mud they will go straight to the lake to clean up. I did not teach them to do that so I was surprised when I saw them doing that. I usually give them a bath every two weeks or whenever they are dirty and stinky.
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03:37:32 AM
Does your dog get dirty easily?
Yes and I think that all dogs do! My dog gets dirty easily because she always plays with the other dogs of our neighbor. I usually let her out because we do not have a fence and there are also times when she goes out on her own. I do not worry because I know that she will be on our neighbor's yard playing and having fun with their pet Poodle. I think that the longest that she did not take a bath was for about 3 weeks because I make sure that I give her a bath because she is always dirty. However, if she is not playing with the other dogs, I then give her a bath every 3 weeks.
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