Monday, March 18, 2019
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Fluff drying    I went to the groomers just last night to have all of my dogs groomed. I was very happy with Princess and Angel in particular for they came out really fluffy and really adorable. I asked the groomer about it and he told me that they used a certain method called fluff drying. I did not have to pay anything extra for it because I think they also have it in their grooming service. Anyway, is there any way that I can copy what they did at home or do I need to have those heavy duty things they use at the groomer's?

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08:30:56 AM
Fluff drying
My brother is working as a groomer and he is not sure why other groomers call it fluff drying for they have a different name for it. According to my brother, it is very hard to duplicate at home what they do in fluff drying without the help of any instruments. The first thing that they do is to remove all the oils in the hair by using a hydrosurge which really gets down to the skin. Then they use a high power dryer and a slicker brush for the hair. The hair is usually fluffy without any of the oil.
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08:38:32 AM
Fluff drying
Hi! I think you can do it at home for I have tried that dozens of times. I just use a regular hair-dryer which I also use for my hair and just a plain old slicker brush. I think you can use any other brush but it is advisable to use a slicker brush. Make sure that you use the warm setting and not hot for it will damage the hair of your dog. Also be sure that you brush the hair in the opposite direction and move the dryer very quickly.
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08:45:09 AM
Fluff drying
Yes, I remember I asked the girl in the groomers and she told me that she used a small slicker brush. I don't have a hair-dryer at home for the old one broke down. Maybe I will just buy a new one for the dogs so that I can fluffy dry them for it is really adorable! Can I fluffy dry the hair of my bigger dogs like my Rottweiler? I really want them to look more adorable.
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