Saturday, June 6, 2020
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Dog doesn't want to eat her food    My new puppy doesn't eant to eat. All the other three are eating their food with much gusto and delight except for this one puppy that we have. She would just smell her food and walk away. I do not know if she doe snot have any appetite or she does not like the food that I am giving to her. I really want her to eat because she is slowly losing weight and I don't want that to happen completely. Now when she sees me eat something whether it may be for lunch or dinner, she would come up to me and starts barking. What is wrong with her?

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12:18:00 AM
Dog doesn't want to eat her food
Maybe you should try to warm up her food first and maybe she would like it better rather than when the food is cold. What brand of food are you giving to her? it is very likely that she doesn't like the dog food that you are giving to her. Try to switch to another brand and see if she will like it. She comes up to you begging you to give her human food? No matter what, I don't think it is necessary to give her human food because she would get used to it and she would look for it more often rather than dog food.
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12:28:31 AM
Dog doesn't want to eat her food
Have you tried to give her human food in the past? I think that the reason why she comes up to you when you eat your own food is that she already likes the taste of human food for you may have fed her in the past or she accidentally tasted something that fell from the table. I think that is the only logical explanation for that. Also, you must remember that you should just stick to one brand of puppy dog food because changing it randomly and often can affect the appetite of your puppies.
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