Wednesday, January 23, 2019
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Dog's breath stinks    I have noticed that Rocky is starting to get really bad breath. I brush his teeth regularly using vanilla and mint toothpaste. I mean I really clean it well to remove the tartar on his teeth. I also give him a bone that he can chew on so that he won't have any problems regarding his mouth and his teeth. I have tried everything imaginable but he still has a stinky breath. I could not kiss him anymore because of it. Is there any way or any product that can help me solve this dilemma? I am willing to do anything for Rocky.

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01:56:10 AM
Dog's breath stinks
I highly recommend that you go see a vet first for they know what is best for our dogs. We also researched about it during the time that we got Ferb because he had really bad breath. Your dog might have a lot of tartar and plaque in his teeth and you better see a vet about it because brushing alone won't remove that. Another reason for it is maybe your dog has a bad diet. Maybe you change his food intake or the dog food that you are feeding him for that might be the culprit. You better see a vet first to make sure.

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02:01:20 AM
Dog's breath stinks
Yes, you should go see a vet just to make sure on what the problem really is. You can remove the tartar and plaque on the teeth of your dog by using a soft washcloth and rubbing it back and forth on the teeth to remove the tartar. It has worked really well on me and I used it before when Dragon has stinky breath. A friend of mine has also suggested that I give Dragon two to three pieces of large strawberries for they can help in removing the tartar and plaque on his teeth. It has worked fine but did not totally remove all the plaque.
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