Friday, July 3, 2020
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Dog Soiled My Rug    My dog went on our brand new oriental rug and I wanted to know the best way to remove the stain. I have searched the web for an online rug dealer who could suggest the right solution and came across this Rug and carpet cleaner, it is made by Milliken. Can anyone suggest any other methods .

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01:54:54 AM
Paper Towels & Detergent
You don't say whether it's a wee or the other. If your dog wees soak up the wee as soon as possible with paper towel then soak the area with clean water and soak up with paper towel again (I found the best way was to stand on the paper to get as much moisture out as possible) you could use a mild detergent after that something like diluted wool detergent. Hope this helps.
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