Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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Help, my dog is scratching my door!!    Can anyone give me any Pointers on how to stop my 3 month old Maremma sheep dog from scratching the outside of my door when she wants to come inside? She has been training really well with everything else but I don't know how to correct a behavior when I'm not there.

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03:02:55 AM
Protective Panel & Kick Plates
If you're worried about her damaging the door can you just put some type of protective panel in the area she scratches? An aluminum plate or something? I know there are kick plates for doors at places like Home Depot or Lowes. Maybe you can have something similar custom made.
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11:20:27 AM
My idea
Try screwing some perspex or even a sheet of ply to the bottom third of the door. I had the same problem with a dog and the perspex worked very well. When I removed it we just filled the screw holes with some filler and they disappeared.
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11:31:18 AM
Use Plexiglass
You could attach a sheet of plexiglass, - size it higher than the dog can scatch on his hind legs.
Sheet metal works too, but it`s costly.
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11:34:37 AM
My view on how to stop your dog from scratching your door
Try a sheet of 1/4 thick Plexiglass. It doesn't completely hide the door, and will resist scratching, or at least save the door. You can attach it with some wood screws (or sheet metal, if you have a metal door) and grommets. Look under plastics in the yellow pages to find a supplier.
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04:24:23 AM
Buy some cloth shoes for your dog. I am pretty sure your neighbors will always wonder why your dog has shoes. Perhaps they think you just want to make it look better when in fact you just don't want your door scratched. I am sure the responses above will be the normal course but hey! I am just adding ideas to your head. :)
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03:34:59 AM
well as dog handlers be sensitive enough to know your pet's behaviour. i myself can observe that they usually scratch anything in the house if they want to go out to pee or poo! get that????
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