Friday, July 3, 2020
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Dogs can read people's minds    Recent study done by well known researchers revealed that Dogs can read people's mind. Experiment was done in Australia that proves this via study with the dogs.

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09:09:15 PM
Wow! Give me details please...
Can you forward me the link or details of this study? Perhaps I can contribute some insights or points so this research can develop further.

If this is true, perhaps we can find a way to connect with the dog's wavelength on reading our minds. Maybe a machine can be invented that can receive and send signals between man and dog.

If it can be done, there will be lots of application resulting to betterment of humankind although on the other hand, perhaps the negative effects will also cause alarm to our own very existence.

You see, if a communication between man and dog is established, dogs will be able to learn humanways! Maybe dogs can even try wipe humanity or enslave humans!

Oh what a thought! Makes me shiver!
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