Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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Leaving puppies alone at home    I started going back to school and my husband is also working from 9 to 5 in the afternoon. There would be no one left in the house since we have become really busy. My problem is my Shih Tzu just gave birth to 4 puppies a few months ago and I wonder if we could just leave them at home while we do our school stuffs and work. They are a little over 3 months now and I am afraid that they might still have no idea when it comes to potty. We don't want them to make a mess. What should we do?

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12:36:36 AM
Leaving puppies alone at home
If your puppies are well-trained and healthy, I think that they can hold it in for several hours. Just to make sure, I suggest that you take them out for a walk before you leave or allow them to poop first before you leave them alone. If it is not possible, just scatter and layer some newspaper on the floor of your living room or kitchen and just let them stay there so that they won't make a mess should you leave them alone.
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12:41:56 AM
Leaving puppies alone at home
Do you have a crate at home? You can leave your puppies there if you desire if you are going out for several hours. Leaving her in a crate is much better than letting them roam freely around your house for the whole time that you are gone or allowing them outside with a leash. I think they won't be able to poop there because I highly doubt that they would poop on a place where they would usually sleep on. It also prevents them from eating something that they shouldn't should you let them out. And it also prevents them from doing something inappropriate for them.
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