Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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Why are dogs considered man's bestfriend?    Dogs are loyal pets. They recognize who their owner is. They are always there to protect and cuddle their owner. Dogs give a sense of comfort when you treat them well.

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08:30:53 AM
an example of my experience
Dogs are social animals, sometimes they can be harsh but sometimes can be gentle. Like for example what happened to my neighbor, he has a Pitbull a fighting type, but because of the proper care and guidance by its owner the dog became a great friend amongst the people that surround him, goes to show why dogs are really man's bestfriend.
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08:32:38 AM
Re: Why are dogs considered man's bestfriend?
When handled well, dogs are man's best friend. Otherwise, they are man's best 'fiend'. God must've devised some creatures to accompany man in his quest of the world. It's so good we have dogs in our everyday... To guard our house, cheer us up when we arrive from work, play with our kids and many more.
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02:40:53 PM
Re: Why are dogs considered man's bestfriend?
Creating a friendly dog depends on the surrounding and the breed were it came from. If you handle your dog with tender loving care, then it will become your bestfriend. Dog is a good companion especially if you are down. They are there by your side no matter what. Dog has no pride and put aside their feelings just to be with you.
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03:18:52 AM
Re: Why are dogs considered man's bestfriend?
Dogs make wonderful pets and even better companions. Some people treat their dogs better than their own relatives! We should take care of them as our best friend and nourish them with love and care.
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