Friday, July 3, 2020
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Dog's character    I observed that dogs get some characters/habits from their owners? Is this true to you?

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08:02:39 AM
Re: Dog's character
In most cases it happens, but for me it doesn't, dogs and human, even though considered as best friends, they still have different personalities, maybe some of the owners' character are being adapted by their dog, but not at all.
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07:03:28 AM
Re: Dog's character
In some cases yes, I also witnessed that to some of my relatives including my dogs. If people are rough, tendencies are their dog would adapt it. The attitude of the dogs depends on what breed it came from but it plays a big factor on how you treat them. I treat my dog with tender loving care but it is reciprocated.
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02:38:38 PM
Re: Dog's character
It could be both genetic and environmental or any one of them. Training in early years is very important for you to determne what are the capabilities of your dog and which one needs correction. But there are dogs that are naturally fierce and unpredictable, so these behavior can be put to special training to control or divert.
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