Sunday, June 7, 2020
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Always barking!    Rocky is always barking and it is starting to irritate me! Whenever the doorbell rings or someone will knock on the door she will bark continuously and non-stop for a maximum of 30 minutes. He still barks even when I show him that no one is at the door. I think that she is making fun of me by barking for no reason at all. He also barks a lot whenever he sees someone on the television, like when he sees another dog or a person. He would not stop barking. I tired calming him down but he still do it. I don't understand this. I've had him for a long time already and this is the first time that he has done this. Could it be that he is not feeling well or something? I need your advice. Help!

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12:26:36 AM

Maybe Rocky is just alert barking. Oftentimes, dogs feel that it is their responsibility to let their owners know when something or someone is at the door or when there is danger in the environment. Rocky might be feeling something outside that he feels is a threat to you and to your family. If he continues barking even though there is no one outside your house, he may have felt or heard something that he thinks is a threat. I have had this problem before with my Shih Tzu. She jut won't stop barking when she hears noises. What we did was that we stood in between our dog and what she was barking at and assured her that everything is alright and that there is no danger. We have also taught her to be quiet.
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12:31:06 AM

How long have you trained your dog? Maybe he did not get proper training. I think that your dog is barking for no reason. She might be bored and just wants to tell you to take her out and go for a walk. My Poodle was like this before. She was barking at the door for about 15-minutes non-stop. I got really annoyed that I just open the door and she immediately went out. It seemed that she just wanted to go out and have a breath of fresh air. Another reason is that maybe your dog wants to out to poop. I think that you should try different methods so that you can determine what the real problem is. If it doesn't work, try to calm him down by touching him and make him feel that everything is just fine.
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12:36:04 AM

Thanks! I will follow all of your advice. I have trained Rocky for a long time but it seems that what I taught him was not enough for him to shut up and bark only when necessary. I only taught him the basics like run, sit, and stuffs like that. I also think that he is just being protective of us because sometimes he would growl as if he is seeing something or someone behind the door. It can get really frustrating because there is just too much barking. I would try to touch him and I will also try to assure him that there is nothing wrong. I hope that this method will work for Rocky. I have tried many methods to keep him quiet but I am keeping my fingers crossed that the methods you suggested will work. Thank you, guys!
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