Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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Dressing up dogs    Do you dress up your dogs? Well, me I dress my dog up during special occasions when I want her to look extra beautiful and when I want her to stand out. Just like last Halloween, I dressed her up as a princess because I think that it is fitting for her. All the kids in the neighborhood loved her and they all want to play and take pictures with her. My little princess really loved the attention. I also dressed her up during my birthday and I wanted for us to look the same so I asked a dressmaker to make her a dress which is similar to mine. I really love dressing her up and it seems that she is really enjoying it.

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03:55:03 AM
Fun clothes
Well, I dress some of my dogs more specifically my three lovely Shih Tzu Princess, Angel, and Empress but only on special occasions like you do. I dressed them up with something nice like last Halloween they were the 3 wives of Dracula. I know I can get pretty crazy with those ideas. I do not know where I got them from. I wanted them to dress up extraordinarily. I tried dressing up Pink once but she doesn't seem to like it. She does not like wearing clothes. I wish though that she does. i do not dress up my pugs. I just put some silly caps on their head and they are good to go.
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04:01:32 AM
Not a big fan
I have never tried that and I think that I will never do it. I have a big Siberian Husky and I think that he will look really silly dressed up. I mean, come one. I love my dog the way he is and I think that he is gorgeous even without all those clothes. Maybe when I get a small dog like a Poodle, I will try to do so. But never with my Siberian Husky.
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04:07:39 AM
Fun dress up
ilovedogs37: I really love your idea about the 3 wives of Dracula! Maybe when my little pups get older, I will dress them up like that for Halloween. Kids will surely love it! And the male pup, I will dress him up like Dracula. Dressing up the dogs are really fun and I hope that the puppies will like dressing up as much as their mother does.
dogsarelove17: I surely understand you. I mean if I own a big dog I would not want them to wear those clothes. I think that dressing up only looks cute on small ones. I suggest that you get a Poodle soon!
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