Saturday, July 4, 2020
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Selecting a puppy    Despite his personal preferences,the would-be dog owner should consider carefully the practical adaptability of the dog to a particular environment or to the company of certain people.Example a Boxer would not be the ideal companion for an elderly woman;a Dachshund would not be the right dog to defend one's property against robbers;and an Eskimo would suffer in a warm climate.

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03:22:19 AM
Re: Selecting a puppy
That's true, lets put things in balanced way. Puppies need proper care and careful nourishment. They are still dependent on their parent dogs and human's as well.
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01:28:08 PM
Re: Selecting a puppy
Puppies are cute just like human babies. It's nice to cuddle them once and awhile and feel them snuggling your fingers or hands. Their soft and fluffy hairs are so adorable to touch. A feeling of ease and comfort sometimes for a stress-releasing activity.
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