Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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My dalmatian loves ice cream!    My dear Cruela loves ice cream and most of the times she will have runny nose after eating. I usually ignore it but since last week, she seems to be wet on the nose more than usual. Do you think I should stop feeding her ice cream? I love ice cream myself and I always stock on the fridge but whenever I eat one, Cruela will beg furiously.

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05:09:30 AM
Hey c'mon!
Even humans get sick with too much ice cream. And you shouldn't even post on something that is widely known. I think you should talk about ice cream and your pet if it dies because of it!
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05:25:22 AM
Ha ha ha. this is so funny!
I think this forum is becoming hilarious with this subject. Why fight on this stupidity guys.... just enjoy life. If you think your dog get sick because of eating ice cream then stop. It's simple as that. And duduy5: hey, let everyone express their opinio!
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