Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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Leaving food for the whole day    I have a neighbor who owns a Lhasa Apso and she just leaves all the food on the ground so that her dog can eat in case it gets hungry. She does this because she has a double job and she is rarely home. Now, my question is it alright if I do the same? I will be very busy with the upcoming days because we will be finishing a multi-million project. Should I just do this instead of hiring a dog nanny to feed him for the entire day? Please help me as I am really confused and is it healthy to do so?

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01:39:18 AM
Leaving food for the whole day
I don't see any problem with it as I know a lot of people who do the same. They just leave a sufficient amount of the food for their dogs and they would go out to their school or their work. As for me, I don't free feed because I would rather feed him on a schedule even if I have to go to work. I would just ask my brother to give him the food set for the day. In that way, I can control the amount that I give him and I would also have an idea on what time he should poop. I don't want to free feed Drowsy because he might over-feed for it might pose more problems.
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01:43:10 AM
Leaving food for the whole day
I don't free feed my dogs for several reasons. One, I have plenty of dogs and they would just fight over it if I leave their food with them. Dragon and Wolf would devour all the food in just a matter of seconds leaving none to the smaller dogs even though I give them food separately. Second, I want to be able to keep track of what they are eating and I do not want them to eat more than they should. Third, I want to be also to keep track of when they will eliminate because I really had difficulties when it comes to that.
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